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I'm able to produce anything from small and fast prototypes to finished digital products.


100k product WP Woocommerce webshop:

NPR featured WP website (hired by

Product Hunt #1 Product Of The Day WP site:

Online VueJS synthesizer:

Even when I'm not working I build stuff:

How can I help you?

I write WordPress plugins, themes, and have never left a job unfixed. Please describe the problem in a few words.

Optional: include a screenshot of the problem. Feel free to draw on it.

Try describing the problem in a few words.

I combine my expertise in design and development to produce beautiful websites that your audience will absolutely love.

What sort of website are you looking for?

I work for several design agencies, most of them based in the US.

My expertises are page speed, scalability, web audio and design thinking. I love building custom plugins and themes, but am not afraid to work with 3rd party code.

If desired, I can send many examples.

Email me, maybe?

What exactly are you looking for in a developer?

Which platform are we developing for?

If you don't mind I'd still love to ask you a few questions.

I'd love to help you with your project. Let me know a few more details and I will take it from here.

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